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The rise of e-commerce changed the structure of logistics industry around the world. In 2015, the worldwide turnover reached US$1.8 trillion growing 17.6% compared to 2014. The logistics market is estimated to reach NT$300 million per year in 2019. The core competition of e-commerce is logistics. From 24-hour delivery to 6-hour delivery, quicker and more convenience delivery service become the most challenge for e-commerce.


One of the driving forces to change the logistics industry structure is that IOT and related technology, such as big data, telecommunication (4G/5G) and cloud computing, are getting mature. Intelligence is the most important focus of automated logistics system and equipment.


The exhibits of 2016 Taipei International Logistics & IOT Exhibition are ranging from warehouse to delivery, the complete logistics supply chain and combing with IOT technology and equipment. Taipei International Logistics & IOT Exhibition is your best choice for purchasing!


* For safety reason, children under the age of 12 are not admitted.


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