About Intelligent Asia


Intelligent Asia is one of the leading industrial procurement platforms in Asia in terms of exhibition scale and number of brand exhibitors. It gathers exhibits from 9 major manufacturing sectors--Automation, Robots, Logistics, Cold Chain, 3D Printing, Molds & Dies, Laser, Fluid Power, and Smart Machinery--to highlight concepts of future factory.


For safety concern, children under 12 years old are not admitted.



2023 Show Facts


Supported by domestic and overseas exhibitors,
the four-floor exhibition displays the whole industry in one stop.









2023 Featured Zone


  1. Smart Logistics Forum

    The Smart Logistics Forum inviting experts in smart logistics and digital transformation to share technology and experience for the industry.

  2. Lab+ The Advanced Manufacturing Seminar

    Through the thematic discussions in different sessions, the valuable experience of various manufacturers in the process of digital transformation will be shared.

  3. Laser Forum & Product Launch

    The topics include laser source, optics, automotive, Micro LED, sheet metal processing and semiconductor, showing the broad possibilities of laser cross-field applications.

  4. 2023 Fluid Power Product Launch

    Once again, the 14 exciting sessions will showcase industry-specific products, core innovations, and key case studies within the exhibition area. Join us and be part of the excitement!





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