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2024 Smart Manufacturing Taiwan


2024/4/24(Wed.) - 4/26(Fri.)


Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center,Hall1,4F (No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

Visitors under 16 are not admitted.

Taiwan / Electronic Equipment & Components



Organized by


Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA)
Taiwan TFT LCD Association (TTLA)
Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials and Devices Association (TDMDA)
Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA)
Society for Information Display (SID)
Chan Chao Int'l Co., Ltd.




Smart Manufacturing

Industrial production│automation system│industrial IT technology and software control│embedded system│automatic transport system│AGV, MGV robotic arm│automated device│cloud big data│RFID, Bluetooth│ERP, APP│electrical switch│electrical device sensing│image processing of measurement system│CAD, CAM, PLM│PLC, HMI variable-frequency drive, servo drive│IC component, chip│IC design, packaging testing│smart production│smart product solution│robotic arm│robotic pick-n-place│human-machine interface│CNC controller│PC-BASED│3D printing│power supply│terminal block│frequency converter│rectifier│capacitor│sensor│ connector│driver│industrial control unit│electrical equipment│wiring equipment│temperature│pressure│flow controller, meter, switch, signal warning light│system assembly│system management│software integration│motherboard│graphics card│CAE related software│virtual reality integration system for graphics card cps


Smart Monitoring

Optical recognition│fingerprint recognition│recognition system│voice recognition│facial recognition│eyeball recognition│pattern recognition│vein recognition│limb sensing│anti-counterfeiting technology│image processing│CAD, CAM, PLM solutions│capacitive sensor│sensor│Bio-RF│product, technology│equipment, material and component│RFID equipment, system│security system│fire suppression system│barcode reader│scanner│ID card│printer│barcode consumable│OCR│smart tag


Smart Logistics

Automated storage│automatic sorter│rack│electronic tag sorting system│packaging equipment and machine│logistic crate and pallet│cage cart and pallet jack, forklift, motor│logistics and transportation management software│logistic automation system and equipment vendor│smart home


Internet of Things

Cloud platform│cloud storage│wireless transmission technology│sensor module│industrial Ethernet│satellite│telecommunication system│telecommunication equipment│local area network│optical communication│mobile phone│GPS│modem│optical fiber│two-dimensional code│mobile handheld device│wearable device│secure payment│embedded product


. Industry Big Data

Database│data capture, management, analysis integration system


Contact Sales


Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jesse Lee/Mrs. Ivy Lin
TEL:886-2-2659-6000 #135/ #192
3F, No. 185, Kangchien Rd., Nei-hu Dist, Taipei, Taiwan


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