2. Simply using-
Just need to pull the string lightly to firmly fix the belt.it helps support your posture and position of your pelvis for a nice .
Provides compression and stabilization, reducing pressure on your spine by shifting some of the load to your abdomen and improving your posture.
3. Mighty string and Adustment Strap-
Adjustable Velcro strap and durable string to modify support for your comfort and a tighter fixation.It is easy to adjust even while you have it on and helps to support good posture while sitting, standing, or doing sports.
4.3D Back Panel -
The back panel provides perfect fit around the back waist for effective decompression, immobilization, support posture , enhanced comfort and pain relief.
5. Non elastic sweat Wicking Belt sheet-
The mesh design offers breathable air flow and lightweight. it is easy to wear and can be worn during any season, all year round. it is compact, portable and discreet , Machine washable.
6. It's easy to use and wear throughout your day -
The ingenious ,Superior design can be custom fit for each individual people.
It's great for people wearing it during working , sports or training. it can help prevent injuries by supporting good posture.
Good to use for lower Back Pain Relief and mobility for activities such like golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, running, lifting, fishing, fitness and more."> Guardner Belt Qtt-ROYAL HSIAO INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD.-ATLife 2025 - Assistive Technology for Life !-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->


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