- Includes convenient folding cane clip and wrist strap

Royal Canes Series, Royal Champagne Gold (EZjoint folding)

Nothing embellishes a cane like Swarovski Crystals. Our Royal Canes Series are a timeless fashion statement and will give you an eye-catching beauty that is sure to turn heads. Between two silver toned collars, resides a beautiful display of 51 Swarovski Crystals to give that extra sparkle of elegance for the holder. These canes are some of the most luxurious canes in the market and can be used with casual attire as well as for formal events.

**Product comes with a folding cane clip, which makes putting the cane away an easy affair.**

"EZjoint" structure: "EZjoint" is a structure designed for foldable walking canes. This allows you to collapse the folding cane more easily even when you don't have much strength in your wrists."> Royal Canes Series - Royal Champagne Gold(EZjoint)-TOWEN CO., LTD.-ATLife 2025 - Assistive Technology for Life !-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->


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