Diving into the Plastics, Printing and Packaging Industry in Asia

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Vietnam ranks third worldwide
in terms of rubber export value
Plastic businesses report
contradictory earning results
Vietnam ranked third in the world in terms of rubber export value, with 3.24 billion USD in 2021,
While many plastic enterprises reported positive results last year, there are still enterprises reporting a decline in profits, more
Hanoi develops industrial parks
for 2021-2025
HCM City industrial parks eye
$500m investment in 2022
A decision approving the establishment of industrial parks in outlying districts for the 2021-2025 period has been signed, more The city’s industrial parks and processing zones hope to attract investment worth US$500 million this year, more
Việt Nam-US trade hits record high
in 2021
Vietnam first Southeast Asian country to earn over 1 billion USD from exports to Hungary
Bilateral trade between Việt Nam
and the US set a new milestone, hitting US$111.56 billion in 2021,
up nearly $21 billion over the previous year, more
Vietnam has become the first Southeast Asian nation to earn over 1 billion USD from exporting goods to Hungary and the European country’s leading exporter, more
Light engineering, plastic key for faster export growth now: senior commerce secretary Bangladesh proposes FTA with
Eurasian Union
Bangladesh needs to shift its product concentration to sectors like light engineering and plastic so that it can gradually move upwards, more A vast market appears in sight as Bangladesh has formally proposed to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) to strike free-trade agreement (FTA), more
Export hits fresh peak Bangladesh to be 24th largest economy
by 2030
Export earnings hit a new record
as manufacturers fetched almost
$5 billion, backed by the surge in demand from international retailers, more
Bangladesh is expected to become the 24th largest economy by 2030 despite a rise in poverty, unemployment and income losses, more
Cambodia’s per capita income in 2022 expected to increase to $1,842 China-Cambodia free trade agreement promises zero-tariffs
The Cambodian economy in 2022
is projected to achieve a growth rate of around 4.8 percent, while per capita GDP is expected to reach $1,842, more
The free trade agreement signed by China and Cambodia has come into effect and will see the granting of zero tariffs to up to 90% of its imports from China, more
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