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A Whole New Business Platform for Thailand's PCB and Electronics Manufacturing Chain, Intelligent Asia Thailand


Date: 2024-02-29

News Type: Expo News


Under the trend of generative AI and digital transformation, chips have become a global strategy product, and have a huge need in cloud service everywhere. The global Top 5 PCB companies have already set up in Thailand, aiming at the chips being key components in electronics, auto vehicles, and telecommunications industries and fully pushed into competitive industries by Thai Government. Many companies also try to rebuild the supply chain and find new suppliers, operation places, and talents. A new global competition has already taken shape.


With the rise of Thailand, Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd. and Worldex G.E.C. Co., Ltd. will hold Intelligent Asia Thailand in EH100 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from February 29th to March 2nd to create a new business platform for companies looking to expand in Thailand. The first exhibition is titled "Integration of Electronics Supply Chain" and plans to display 5 major industry topics, including PCB, electronic assembly, automation, smart optoelectronic display, and battery power, connecting Thailand's key manufacturing industries, attracted participation from 203 companies and brands across 14 countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Poland, India, Germany, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Well-known exhibitors, such as Dynamic, FIRST QUALITY, HAN'S CNC, DER LIH FUH, TONGTAI, MACHVISION, C SUN, UTECHZONE, SAA, SYNPOWER, ASIA NEO TECH, CHIME-BALL, YAN TIN CHEMICALS, WEISUN, SHINBU, Schmoll-Asia Pacific, KLA, LONG LONG, ZHIQIN, GROUP UP, CIN PHOWN, Delta, Solomon, Teco, Chelic, SMMC, Render, JET, HPB and CHIBIN.


Intelligent Asia Thailand holds concurrent events to create and build more cooperation opportunities among international and local enterprises. The 2-days “Thailand Intelligent Electronic Circuits Conference” with 3 sessions: “PCB Industry Summit”, invites Dr. Shiuh-Kao Chiang from Prismark, Mr. Clement Sun, the Special Assistant to President of WUS Group and Mr. Yong Cheng, the chairman of ASK PCB. Three of them will share the opportunities and challenges in the Thailand PCB Industry from the perspective of board companies; “PCB Advanced Tech Forum” will present advanced technology by Mr. Jerry Huang, the VP of Unimicron, Mr. Liu Tianming, the president of FSQuality and Mr. Tracy Alexander Watt, the Technical Director of KCE Group; “PCB Solutions-Smart x Sustainable” will invite professionals from economics, law, policies, and construction, to analyze the point of investing in Thailand. In addition, the “Taiwan-Thailand Smart Vehicle Supply Chain Symposium” is focused on the cooperation of smart vehicles. Through the forum, participants can exchange ideas and discuss how to build a smart new energy vehicles industry chain.

According to the rapid growth of Thailand’s industries, some indicator companies released investing plans in Thailand. It has created new opportunities for companies and workers, and there is a strong demand for all kinds of talents. To support companies matching local talents and industry-university cooperation, the exhibition will release “Thailand PCB Talent Day Events.” There are three types of activities: Guide Tour, Talent Issue Exchange Luncheon, and Talent Matching in the exhibition. The students can learn more about the PCB industry and companies through the Guide Tour, and they can directly interview during the Talent Matching. The Talent Issue Exchange Luncheon is to support companies' senior executives who are willing to invest or have invested in Thailand to understand Thai labor-related regulations and exchange the labor issues of each company.

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