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Intelligent Asia: Advancing Twin Transition Ecosystem


Date: 2023-08-16

News Type: Press Release


Intelligent Asia will be held at TaiNEX 1 & 2 from August 23rd to 26th. The expo features eight key themes: automation, robotics, logistics, 3D printing, molding, fluid power, laser technology, and cold chain. Riding the waves of global supply chain shifts and the international inclination towards intelligent and eco-friendly manufacturing, globally acclaimed system integrators, machinery component manufacturers, and equipment titans are enthusiastically participating; over 1200 exhibitors worldwide, across nearly 4500 booths, including Analog Devices (ADI), will showcase their innovations, reflecting the global shift towards intelligent and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Amid the global push for net-zero emissions and carbon border adjustments, the green transformation has become a paramount concern for large-scale manufacturing giants entering the global market and small to medium-sized businesses striving for sustainable operations. In response, Intelligent Asia adopted the theme "BE TWIN: Building TWIN TRANSITION Ecosystem' this year. It's supported by numerous specialized forums and showcases featuring industry leaders like Advantech, ABB, NEXCOM, TECO, Pitotech, FineReport, and more. The focus is on low-carbon practices, sustainable energy, and tailored solutions to move beyond slogans to practical TWIN TRANSITION.

§ Practical Industry 4.0 Implementation: Current and Future of Factories

Amid the rise of Industry 5.0 in Europe and America, manufacturing across Asia is undergoing a necessary transformation. Industry 4.0 is crucial for Taiwan's global manufacturing involvement and an essential focus for small and medium-sized businesses' sustainability. The TAIROS and Automation Taipei, Taiwan's prime platform for showcasing intelligent factory solutions, brings together 32+ industrial robot vendors. Beyond industry giants like ABB, FANUC (Century Trading), YASKAWA, and KUKA, agile lightweight industrial robots will shine this year, addressing SMEs' needs. Companies like CPC, Bosch Rexroth, Nachi Fujikoshi (Taiwan), and EPSON Taiwan will showcase various lightweight collaborative robot arms.

Enhancing critical business resilience remains vital. Machine vision, pivotal for transparent production lines, will feature 35+ exhibitors presenting industrial lenses, imaging solutions, visual algorithms, and inspection systems. Industry leaders like Cognex, The Imaging Source, Optotune, HUIRONG IDEAS, and Datalogic will participate. Machine vision's role in Industry 5.0, bridging human-machine interaction, aids production lines in optimizing resources for sustainable manufacturing.

§ Mold Industry Advancements;3D Printing's Personalization Trend.

Taiwan's mold industry is adapting to global trends, focusing on advanced manufacturing for rapid, customized mold production. TaiMold features experts in mold testing and design solutions like Moldex3D, CADMEN, LONG-SHAN, and MINNOTEC. Renowned mold components, materials, and injection machinery brands, like WU JII, FU CHUN SHIN, LINCO PRECISION, MING MOL, CHEN WEY, FU HSIUN, and LAYANA. Themed forums by the Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association and ACMT will address practical exchanges and trend insights in advanced manufacturing and low-carbon molding technologies.

With the shift from industry to household, 3D printing caters to personalized demands. The rise in customized GK model production has made personalized services and personal machines the highlights of the 3D Printing show. Companies like INNOBOX 3D, CREATE STUDI, FEASUN, and Aurora Tech offer 3D printing outsourcing services. Furthermore, TEAMA, 3D PRINTING TEC, SAN DRAW, and BRUSAT will introduce new 3D printing machines and system application solutions. The 3D Printing Association's event on August 26th will feature international speakers discussing industry trends and practical applications.

§ Logistics PI in Physical Internet; Laser's Versatile Cross-Domain Applications; Fluid Hydrogen's Future.

The Taipei-Logistics and Taipei-Cold Chain aligns with the 'Physical Internet (PI)' trend, showcasing industry leaders including TAIWAN WAREHOUSE, HAI ROBOTIC, PANASONIC, CARRIER, FORMOSA and FLUTA, and others. The concurrent 'Smart Logistics Forum' explores digital transformation, technological innovation, post-pandemic cold chain tech, and the role of PI in sustainable development. Discussions will shed light on future logistics trends, sharing technical experiences for smart manufacturing, smart logistics, and smart cold chains.

Laser Taiwan will spotlight Electric Vehicle Laser Technology, Micro LED's Cross-Domain Applications, and the Future of Optoelectronic Semiconductors. It includes an 'Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Showcase' featuring top brands like machine tool leader, TRUMPF, HLJ Tech, and A SINAR Tech. Over 120 companies will gather to stimulate diverse cross-domain laser applications. At the same time, the 'Taiwan Laser International Forum and New Product Presentation for Laser Applications' hosted by TLTAA (Taiwan Laser Technology Application Association) will take place from August 23 to 26, covering topics such as electric vehicle laser processing technology, laser sensors for EVs, laser applications in the optoelectronic semiconductor industry, laser light source development, AI applications, and other industry-focused technologies, decoding the current hot topics in the industry.

The fluid power sector is a crucial technical foundation for bright factory establishment. The TFPE EXPO has officially become an annual event to align with industry trends and demands. This exhibition emphasizes high-quality precision components for automation equipment and air, oil, and hydraulic transmission systems. This year, esteemed names like MINDMAN, SMC, JUFAN, KOMPASS, and YUTIEN will gather to bolster production capabilities. Alongside the exhibition, the event will host the 'Fluid Power Product Presentation' and the 'Fluid Power Technology Seminar and Hydrogen Development Opportunities and Challenges Forum.' Fourteen companies will share new product technologies, and a discussion on Taiwan's hydrogen energy applications will be held, contributing to the global hydrogen economy.