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Suzhou International Expo






As one of the key cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is a renowned cultural, historic and tourism city. It enjoys a fame of "Paradise on Earth" with over 60 classical gardens among which 9 are listed in the Catalog of world Cultural Heritage. Thousand-year-old towns like Zhou Zhuang, Tongli Feature the waterside sceneries in the South of China. In addition, Suzhou Lake Taihu national Tourism & Vacation Zone works actively to build up a "cultural, healthy, and green" lake Taihu so as to make it a brand tourism desitation within the country and without.


Suzhou has become one of the fastest-growing and most competitive cities in China. It plays an important role in China's economic development. The GDP of 2002 whole year reached 208 billion Yuan, and the GDP per capita was about USD 4,300. Suzhou is listed in NO.5 compared with other large and middle size cities. Suzhou has grown up into a manufacturing and R&D basis with 90 Fortune 500 MNCs have set plants in Suzhou.



Suzhou International Expo


With SOM from United States as the project designer and Singapore CPG Group as project supervisor, Suzhou International Expo Centre will provide first class venue and facilities to the exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. For service part, we have international venue operation expert as our consultant and will form joint venture with Messe Berlin for venue management and Exhibition organization.


With the privileged geographic location, well-developed economy, rich tourism resource, high-standard venue and facility and first-class service, we are confident that Suzhou Interantional Expo center will play an important role not only within the Yangtze River Delta Area but also in whole China and Aisa Pacific area.


Facilities - Technical Info


Total Area 320,000sqm
The Whole Construction Area 255,000sqm : 125,000sqm in phase 1
Convention Space 11,000sqm : 9,500sqm in phase 1
Indoor Exhibition Space 120,000sqm : 64,000 in phase 1
Levels two levels
Bearing Capability The first floor : 5 tons/sqm The second floor : 1.5 tons/sqm
Height Of Level The first floor : 10m The second floor : 12m
Suqare Lake Square : 103,000sqm Center Square : 35,000sqm
Capacity Of Underground Park 1500


Floor Plan






Suzhou is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, bordering Shanghai on the east, Zhejiang Province on the South, Taihu Lake in the W\west and the Yangtze River in the north. It's only 80km from Suzhou to Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport and 120km to Pu Dong International Airport. Suzhou is connected with major cities in China and other parts or the world through well-developed highway, railway, waterway and aviation networks. Suzhou international Expo Center is located on the lakeside of Jinji Lake in SIP. It is adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjin expressway and Suzhou-Hangzhou expressway.


(Source: Suzhou International Expo Official Website)