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Redeem Ticket




Suitable for Chan Chao ticketed domestic exhibitions




STEP 1. Login / New Member Registration

STEP 2. Please enter the redeem code and confirm personal basic information before 2018/11/15(Thu.)23:59 to complete the ticket redeeming procedure

STEP 3. Scan your "Chan Chao Card QR Code" at the exhibition entrance for admission!


Want to get other redeem card codes?


1. Through exhibitors...




  1. Please note down or copy the redeem code before redeeming your ticket. Each redeem code can only be redeemed by one person for one-time use for a day during the exhibition period. For visits spanning multiple days, visitors will need to apply for more redeem codes or purchase tickets on site.
  2. The Chan Chao Card QR Code is only valid for the issued user for same-day admission. Different codes are required to redeem tickets for visits spanning multiple days.
  3. After redeeming your ticket, login to [Membership Center] → [Admission Qualifications] page to see your status.
  4. During the exhibition period, you can use your mobile device to login to the [Membership Center], and then click [Chan Chao Membership Card] to access your Chan Chao Card QR Code.
  5. Please comply with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the exhibition before you apply the visiting application, the competent authorities reserve the right to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.


** Ticket redeem has ended **