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BioTaiwan Exhibition 2017

Date : 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/2 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

Venue : Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (Taiwan)

Industry:Bio Techonology


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Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
Taiwan Exhibition & Conference Association
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.




Move-in:June 27(Thu.)、June 28(Wed.), 2017

Move-out:July 2(Sun.), 2017- Before 23:00




Promotional Activities

◎Design a show mascot to reinforce our visual identity.
◎Mobilize Taiwan representative offices overseas for heavy promotion.
◎Invite participation from foreign ambassadors and consulates.
◎Ally with major international exhibition companies overseas, particularly with mainland China.
◎An estimated 200,000 official invitation emails will be sent to related trading companies, distributors, manufacturers, schools and organizations.
◎Bio Taiwan official documents will be sent to R&D institutions, schools and academic medical centers, to invite participation.
◎Media access and promotion of the event will be heavily encouraged.



Press Conferences
Media conferences in February, mid June and July will be held to promote the exhibition.

Feature advertisements will be published in major newspapers.


Bio Taiwan Editorial Coverage will be aired on major television channels one month prior to the exhibition, and exhibition news will be broadcasted nationwide during the exhibition days.

Intensive exhibition programs will be aired one week in advance.

Publish in relevant domestic and overseas magazines, inviting foreign companies and domestic experts to visit the exhibition.

Advertising Flags
600 exhibition flags will be visible along main roads in Taipei, 15 days before the exhibition opening.

publishing partners will distribute a variety of pamphlets, to be dispatched through faxes, e-mails, regular post and as newspaper inserts.

A widespread online promotion campaign will be undertaken, featuring regular e-news and exhibitions hyperlinks targeting the 42,000 bio-professionals in our database.

Anticipated Results

◎Attraction of approximately 80,000 visitors, increasing public awareness & interest in biotechnology.
◎Promotion of biotech concepts in today’s younger generation, preparing them for future involvement. 
◎Introduction of local biotech industries to leading international R&D projects and venture capital firms, allowing the creation of new collaboration.
◎Acceleration of Taiwan’s globalization aspirations, through contact with overseas companies and venture capitalists.
◎Publicize Taiwan’s reputation as a leader in global biotechnology and its goal to become an international R&D hub, as well as a manufacturing and operation center of biotechnology products in Asia-Pacific Region.
◎Encouragement of cross-strait business relationships, in accordance with government policy, by sending special invitations to mainland Chinese biotechnology companies.


Exhibition Fee



  Rental rate Facility List
Raw space US$2,205  Without partition, carpet or any display facility  3m x 3m
Stander booth US$2,625  Partition  3m x 3m
 Full carpet  9 SQM
 Reception desk (100*50*70cm)  1pc
 Round table  1pc
 Chair  3pcs
 Spotlight  3pcs
 Company name fascia board  1pc


◎ Note:

  • A 50% down payment is required with each space application, with the remainder due by March 31th, 2017.
  • VAT NOT include in rental rate
  • Fee does not include water & power
  • Temporary telephone rental is possible, at a price of NT 4,000 (NT 1,000 installation, NT 3,000 deposit), which is approximately US$130.
  • Special electricity requirements such as 24 hrs. electricity, internet and dial-up lines are available upon request.
  • In cases where a concrete structural column is located within a booth, the price will be US$ 2,360




Early Bird Specials

  • Applicants who apply before December 31st 2016 will receive the following benefits:
    1. Standard booth (9 sqm): US$ 2,425 /Raw Space (9 sqm): US$ 2,005
    2. Priority to select booths alongside other exhibitors (where applicable) at the exhibitor’s meeting.
  • Applicants can communicate a corporate activity message in the form of an e-publication through the BioClub website service containing 42,000 emails in related industries worldwide. (Press releases will be provided well in advance)
  • BioClub website provides hyperlinks to applicants to extend their publicity. Applicants without their own website will be given free hosting space (web design is the responsibility of the applicant).
  • The organizer will cooperate with national media outlets to promote shared company interests.


Booth Allocation


  • The organizing committee will notify individual exhibitors 10 days in advance by registered mail and 3 days by telephone. Allocations are subject to product category selections.
  • The selection sequence is based on booth categories and by date of payment. For further information, please refer to TAITRA's "Terms and Regulations for Participation". In the event of any occurrences unforeseen, the decision of the organizer shall be enacted.
  • It is not permissible for multiple exhibitors to occupy the same location.


Withdrawal Regulation


  • Once the 50% deposit for an exhibition booth or an exhibition fee has been paid, it cannot be refunded.
  • Companies or institutes who violate the policies below may be removed and banned from future events:
  • Booths rented by participating companies cannot be transferred in private or utilized by companies with a name other than the company name used during application.
  • Products displayed by participating companies must be related to the exhibition theme.




Ms. Heidi Weng
TEL:+886-2659-6000 ext 263
Bio Club: