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13th Hiwin Intelligence Robot Competition


Date: 2020/8/19   (Wed.)   09:00-16:00

Venue: Booth Q1023, 1F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

contact: TAIROA Jeremy Lin




Purpose of the event:

With the rapid development of the domestic 3C industry, semiconductors, flat panel displays and the other manufacturing transfer of production towards intelligent processing and needs, Taiwan's demand for various types of robots has grown rapidly. The main tasks of robots include component handling, assembly, paint... However, its performance and application depend on the high integration of technologies such as motion control, embedded systems, sensors, and motion path planning, in order to give full play to the functions of the robot arm.

The hands-on competition of the HIWIN Intelligent Robot has been held for 12th in 2019. Every year, the performance of the participating teams is better and better every year, and the technology is becoming more mature. In order to make the competition level more near life application, the competition system has been adjusted since the 13th and the participating groups are divided into "application group" and "technical team".


The application group is provided with the arm by HIWIN Technology, and the participants write programs to test the soft power of the participating teams; the technical team must use the hardware and software provided by HIWIN Technology to make the arm successful from scratch within a limited time at the competition site activities and complete tasks.


This activity is to inspire and encourage domestic students to research, develop, and creatively develop robotic arms and hopes to explore talents in related industries through competition to effectively promote industry-university cooperation.


Event Executive :TAIROA 

Event Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. First Floor ,Booth No. Q1023

Event Website:


Category of compition groups:  Robotic arm Application Group and Technical Team

Event event coordinator:  TAIROA Jeremy Lin  tel:04-23581866*33