10. Filtering-cloth pipe for dust-collection: with a total of 25 filtering-cloth pipes with an overall filtering dimension of 5.6m2. The filtering cloth is made from 1000# twill.
11. Large-sized blasting devices can be custom-made for sizes and optional for manual or automatic rotational disc and conveyor tracks.
12. [Options] With a twin-opening and open-top design molds can be lifted down in the blasting chamber for hanging blasting, convenient and safe. Excellent sealing for sand material without polluting the environment. A benefit for heavyweight molds and large-sized workpieces in blasting.
13. Equipped with an air-cleaning device, not only for cleaning the workpiece but for preventing the loss of sand material being brought out of the sand cabin.
14. Provided with an anti-dust and waterproof fluorescent lamp set, for the prevention of sand material breaking the bulb endangering the safety of the operator."> Bulk Sand Blasting Cabinets-SHANG-PO SANDER CO., LTD.-Automation Taipei 2024


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